Carmignac Portfolio China New Economy A EUR Acc

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Storico dei rendimenti30/11/2021
Crescita di 1000 (EUR) Grafico Interattivo
Carmignac Portfolio China New Economy A EUR Acc
 EUR 69,670
Var.Ultima Quotazione -2,12%
Categoria Morningstar™ Azionari Grande Cina
Categoria Assogestioni -
Isin LU2295992320
Fund Size (Mil)
 EUR 40,74
Share Class Size (Mil)
 EUR 3,81
Entrata (max) 4,00%
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Obiettivo d'Investimento Dichiarato: Carmignac Portfolio China New Economy A EUR Acc
The Sub-fund’s objective is to outperform the Reference indicator over a recommended minimum investment horizon of 5 years. The Sub-Fund’s investment strategy is to invest in equities issued by companies or issuers having their registered office or exercising a predominant part of their activity in Greater China including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Singapore (“Greater China”). The reference to the Chinese “New Economy" reflects the manager's desire to invest in a privileged manner in sectors of the Greater China economy not explicitly linked to the purely export industry component of the economy or traditional raw materials. This involves in particular, and without being limited to, investments in companies present in sectors linked to consumption, low-carbon energy, technological innovation and phenomena of urbanization and rising standard of living.
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Rendimenti % (EUR)02/12/2021
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Nome del Gestore
Inizio Gestione
Haiyan Li-Labbé
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MSCI China NR USDMSCI Golden Dragon NR USD
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Carmignac Portfolio China New Economy A EUR Acc
* This share class has performance data calculated prior to the inception date, 2021-03-31. This is based upon a simulated/extended track record, using the track record of Carmignac China New Economy I EUR Acc (ISIN: FR0013467024), and is in accordance with Morningstar’s Extended Performance Methodology paper. To find out more about this, click here.
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